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Jun 4, 2007
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did NOTHING for me

I was so excited to get this product due to all the rave reviews, however it did nothing for me. Am I doing something wrong? The second time I used it I put more in than the first time, and still nothing... I have course, frizzy wavy hair that I straighten with blow dryer/flat iron. Does anyone have any tips on how to make this product work?? I don't want to give up on it!

when i used it, it worked really well. i blowdried my hair upside-down and then straightened it with a flat iron.

This stuff worked amazing for me... and I used it exactly the same way Jennifer did. Blow dry upside down, and then straighten.

Reminds me... I have to get more of this stuff. I was going to buy it when I was in Italy because it was SOOO cheap, but I never did.


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