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Jan 14, 2007
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i've been really into anthropologie, urban outfitters etc.. lately.

does anyone know any other brand that's similer??

holy crap.

i spelled *similar* wrong =[

I cant think of any brands that are similar
we don't have any of those shops over in Aus. so I'm not much help... I love urban outfitters though, such cute things

I'm sure some of the other ladies will be able to help you!

i dont know what is super similar, but i love those two brand and other brands i wear are....

free people

look on shop bop, they are kinda expensivve but they have super good sales (like 70 percent off) and i like there stuff

I actually don't know much about those stores but I have friends who love Anthropologie and also shop at American Eagle and Ambercrombie & Fitch. has some cute stuff that is kind of like Urban Outfitters! Its one of my favorite sites! They have some cute stuff!


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