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Dec 29, 2012
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Is there like an official test for skin undertones?
I was told I was NW15 from one MAC person, NC15 from another. Is there such thing as neutral skin?
The veins on my wrist are a perfect blue, I suppose they would be more green than purple though. (I mention this because I know the vein trick for undertones.)

I suppose my skin is combination, but it tends to lean more on the dry side. When I take those tissue-paper like face wipes, nothing really shows up whereas when my friend does, a ton of oil shows. I can get pimples on occasion when I put something nasty on my face but that's about it. 

Tricky part.. I tan and burn. I know burning points to dry and tanning points to oily. And I do both.. 

I don't even know if dry/oily has much to do with warm/cool undertones, honestly.

Is it possible to be undertone neutral, or maybe have both undertones or something? I'm leaning towards believing I'm warm simply because the majority of people are warm and it seems like the peaches/golds look better than the rosies/silvers on me.

Any help? :c I'm mainly doing this thread because I want to know what make up to get.

If your veins lean to the green side it sounds like you are a warm undertone. If oranges, reds and golds look great on you then you almost certainly are. If you were cool the rosie pinks, silvers, blues and purples would look great on you. Very few people are true neutrals.

Also I just had to comment on the hilarity of your forum name. I just choked on my iced tea reading it


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