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Oct 22, 2003
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Huntington Beach, CA
Help!! Tonight I was scared of my wife for the first time. Here I sit on the computer doing some 3D graphic webdesign, and she walks in with my Eddie Bauer jeans and walks behind me and wraps the waist of the jeans around my neck. ACK!! Is she going to kill me by strangulation?? I thought....maybe!!!! But I just sat there....go figure! She wraps it around my neck and says "YEP! its true, it does work!!" I was almost ready to give a funny look. Apparently, if you are in a store and dont want to try on pants, you can double over the waist (keeping the button buttoned) and lay it around your neck. I guess she saw this on that queer eye show on TV.

Yes pleaase Bravegirl share you secrect with us. I hate trying on clothes too at the store! I order most of mine over the internet so I don't have to try them on at the store.

Originally Posted by Bravegirl

Supposedly, it's a surefire way to find pants that fit your waist. I saw this being demonstrated on Queer Eye.
I have my own way to find pants that fit without trying them on.

Originally Posted by Kookie-for-COCO /img/forum/go_quote.gif OMG--this is too complicated. Think I will wear dresses (oh yeah LOL) from now on. ME too!!! LOL
i don't understand much the folding part, i mean i take the pants buttoned and zippered, and just put them in front of me, and see if the waist is large enough for mine, you know, i just compare the pants to the jeans i'm wearing.
I have to try them on since it seems every designer or manufacturer's sizes are different from the others.


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