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Apr 7, 2012
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i have natrually blue eyes with gray and a little yellow, and everyone thinks their green, ive tried make up for blue eyes but it still makes them look green, then i tried for green eyes it helped a little i guess, any suggestions? like for eye shadows or liners?

Those bronze/gold shadows look great with blue eyes!

I've always heard that people with blue eyes shouldn't wear blue shadow, since it can wash blue eyes out and make them appear duller.

I have similar blue eyes. They're light blue, tending towards grey, or green, depending on what I'm wearing.

I wear bronzer as eyeshadow, because it has a natural look to it but the orange really brings out the blue. I'm also a fan of white eyeliner on my top lid. I use champagne color for the highlight under my brows and shimmery bronzer/gold colors for my eyeshadow, but I'm a really pale warm skintone.

The Pantone collection from Sephora has a orange eyeshadow in it that's really nice. The eyeliner is too red orange for me, it makes my eyes look weird.

Hope that helps some!