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Feb 2, 2007
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Sephora stopped carrying it, which left me devastated! where else can i get it from? Desperately need your help!

I looked at the Paul & Joe website PAUL & JOE BEAUTE and checked out Canadian locations. The only other location in Canada that sells this brand is in Vancouver. The place is called Beauty Bar Cosmetics. I checked out the website but it didn't mention Paul & Joe unless it is a brand new. I would contact them to see if P & J is sold there. You can buy other brands online with this company so hopefully if they have this product they will ship it to you. Here is the website: beautybar cosmetics - vancouver

Wow, thank you for taking the time to look it up for me shelly! Really appreciate your help! I checked on the website, but I couldn't find Paul&Joe either, i'm so worried! I'll call them tomorrow, so wish me good luck!


I know this reply is a little late, but I just came across Paul and Joe Beauty in a little store on Queen St West. Its called Jacob and Sebastian, 622 Queen St w... good luck!

Three years late?

I'm sure there are others who love P&J beauty in Toronto!!! LOL I tried to help, anyway!

Is that near the Hockey Hall of Fame? lol ohhh and Welcome to MUT!

Hey! I'm not sure whether this is way too late! But thanks to your reply, I found Paul and Joe Nail Polish Remover in Toronto! XOXO


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