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Nov 16, 2006
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Ive tried mineral concealer..It dried my dry skin up, around the eyes, even more. I bought Smashbox photo finish, because I thought maybe I needed a primer under it. But that just makes the mineral concealer find its way into the fine expression lines. (I cant handle this primer >.> It just..makes my skin look even more dry, even if its not at the time. Hard to explain what I mean. Its like the primer rolls the mineral makeup into small mineral-primer balls. @.@)

Ive also tried concealer sticks which also decided to get into the very fine lines and look like crap.

My skin is dry and fair, but I have dark circles which Id like to cover up without having it getting stuck in the fine lines or look cakey. But the ones Ive tried so far just..Gets into the fine lines and look like crap or cakey.
Im not sure how or if, I should use primer under concealer.

Does anyone know a GOOD concealer for dark circles? Maybe liquid concealer would be something to try?

I used the search but couldnt find anything to help me. If there is a post similar to this, please point me in the direction of the topic. ^_^ /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />;

Sounds like my skin last year! If your skin is that dry, nothing will looks good. There are concealers with more moisture but they won't have as much coverage, also the will be "wetter" and settle into lines.

I use a bit of extra virgin olive oil on my skin at night. It really helps with the excessive dryness. As for concealer...I don't have recs because I never found a good one for dry skin.

I have no idea what to say for dry skin.

However, when my primer/mmu did that to me, I moisturized a lot at night, let my primer really settle in (10-15 mins) and exfoliated more often. Worked for me.

you got to try cinema secrets! their foundation/concealer (you can use it either way) is the best concealer i've ever use. it's creamy and covers everything, and it doesn't look cakey at all. but also try to cleanse, toner, and moisturize your face before applying concealer or makeup. it always work for me. HTH

I love the one by Mally Beauty, its pricey but i really like it and its creamy. I also have dry skin.

Thank you all for replying. Ive started to use Body Shops Aloe Soothing Day Cream. So far it seems that my skin is liking it and is much less dry then usual, also around the eye. Ive tried to use night creams, but my skin breaks out from most that I have tried, or Im all oily the next day.

I normaly let my primer sit for 30mins, but that doesnt seem to help..It stills roll the mineral up to small balls. I havent used it with a stick/creame concealer though. Ill try it once I pick up a new concealer, Ill see if I can find Mally Beauty or Cinema Secrets here in the Netherlands.

Originally Posted by monniej /img/forum/go_quote.gif sounds like you may need a good moisturizer to start. Most of the time if I use a moisturizer under/around my eyes, it turns out very shiny and oily. But Ive been using one from the body shop now, and it doesnt make the skin oily around my eyes.
Something for you here.. you can visit . This provides quite number of information about dark circles including some video clips on how to conceal dark circles, home remedies and eye cream reviews. Quite informative though.
You can probably start with natural ways to reduce dark circles
as what people have said, i'd start with a good undereye concealer.

i have the problem where mine gets really dry (i have minor eczema around my eyes).

as for concealer, i use benefit's Boi-ing.

I never have dry skin, but maybe that's because I exfoliate often.

Try Maybelline Concealer sticks. Works for me!

maybe you can try Shu Uemera's Concealer. the best i have ever use.

but its pricey.

still on the search for a cheaper one.


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