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May 28, 2005
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Hi Everyone,

So I just recently bought some really pretty shimmery eyeshadow and I would like some examples and suggestions on how to make it look good. I normally don't use a lot of shimmer and I need some advice on how to put it on right without over doing it. If you guys can include pictures, that would be great!! Thanks!

you can take the shimmer e/s and apply over the entire lid with the 224 brush like Trisha said, or just to the brow bone. you can also apply the shimmer over the finished eye for a shimmer look over matte e/s.

apply it over the whole lid with a fluffy brush like the 224.

you can also pack a little more on the eye lid part.

but don't go too light/bright in color. you want something just little lighter than your skin tone to brighten up your eyes. you don't want it super light so it won't be "hello! white eye shadow!"