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Jul 27, 2004
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I was wondering if anybody had any experience with henna hair dyes? I want to dye my hair a chestnut colour and was recommended to try ths instead of chemical dyes. What do you all think?

Henna dye is pretty much a whole different ball game as opposed to regular dye. It is recommended that if you start with henna, you continue to use henna, because it can react with chemical dye. It tends to be a little darker, but it is said to last longer and produce a deeper result. it is also said to be a lot messier - so be sure to wear old clothes and protect the area that you are working around. I must get going to work, but when I get a chance, I'll find out some more info on this for you

Originally Posted by naturally I've Henna'd my hair ...long time ago ...fabulous results and I think it's much safer for hair. Yes ..very messy ..it's like putting mud on your hair. You can go back to regular dyes but should wait for it to grow out. I used Henna years ago and it produces a gorgeous colour but it has to grow out naturally, its the equivalent of using bleach and once you have done it, theres no going back. If you put another chemical colour on after it wont work so be carefull.