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Sep 14, 2012
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Sooo, I don't know about anyone else, but I love watching Honey Boo Boo. Its really weird, but also really funny at the same time. The way Alana talks makes me laugh like so much. She isn't afraid of saying anything! hahah. Anyways, I know a lot of people either LOVE this show or HATE this show.

What are you opinions?

It definatly is a whole lot different than from watching the Kardashians! lol

Nostalgie de la boue, sadly.

The majority of people watching it fall into one of two camps: either those who consider it an absolute trainwreck and are mocking the family or those who are of similar social standing and see it as a vindication of their lifestyle.

Absolutely disgusting.  I'd sooner poke out my eyes than watch an entire show of this garbage. 

I'm not a fan, but that's me. I think I watched 5 minutes and it was enough to say no more lol.

I've watched one whole episode and it's bad. It won't be cancelled because let's face it it's a train wreck that people want to see.


I actually kind of like it. Yes, that family is a mess, but you can tell they actually like each other. I don't know that it should be on tv, necessarily, but I don't think I really have the right to judge this family is obviously enjoying their life. 

You do have to give them credit for that. They do enjoy their lives and love each other.

i get what people are saying about it being a trainwreck but i love this show and i love this family and i think alana is the funniest person on tv right now. they all love each other and support whatever alana wants to be and i can say that not everybody in this world is so lucky to have that. like in the episode where she just started dancing during the interview. nobody told her to stop. nobody told her she was being stupid. they let her do her thing. 

I'm kind of obsessed with this show, and yeah, it's probably because I find forklift footed trainwrecks highly entertaining.

I also love that support Alana so much, like in one of the pageants when they were talking about what she wanted to be when she grows up and her answer was "whatever she chooses" or something like that. To me, that is an AWESOME answer for a 6 year old. Everyone else is saying doctor or lawyer or movie star or other high "prestige" type job and Alana is just like I'll be what I want to be whatever. 

So yeah, everyone makes fun of them, but maybe they are the ones doing something right, you know? 

also lmao at forklift footed trainwreck. 

Also my heart broke when Alana cried at the natural beauty pageant when she didn't win...and when she had to get rid of Glitzy. :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> poor glitzy.

Originally Posted by DreamWarrior /img/forum/go_quote.gif

LOL! What happened? Did the mom eat her for real?
LOLOL. That would have been reality television gold. No it whined too much and they couldn't take care of it so they gave it back to the oinkie breeder.

Hahaha, Glitzy!!!

Its funny because my dog will have these "snorting" attacks (I guess it is a pomerainian thing)

and my sister said to him, "awww, glitzy!" hahaha!

Originally Posted by Playedinloops /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I heard they ordered Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving specials. 
Did you watch the finale last night? Don't you love how sweet June was about Kaitlyn's birth defect?


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