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Oct 26, 2006
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I had all day to do nothing, so I took piccies of all of my stash ranging from brushes to skincare items.

Attachment 36655

I never know what to do with eyeshadow much, so I only keep a handful around.

Attachment 36656

There's my lippie products

Attachment 36657

Here are most of the pencils, most of them eyeliners/shadows

Attachment 36658

Just Brushes

Attachment 36659

All of my skincare products I use

Attachment 36660

These are just my once a week mask products and a tanning lotion

Attachment 36661

Ohh, Charlie was such a good helper with getting all the products out for me..I had to include her. She knows that I like to if you don't know..she's on my lap waving to all.

Attachment 36662

Thanks Michal and PuncturedSkirt. It was a good day with Charlie. She's normally very active but today she wanted to follow me around and be my shadow.

Hey cute stash, pretty colors, and your daughter is adorable she looks too cute in that pic

Originally Posted by lglala84 /img/forum/go_quote.gif Hey cute stash, pretty colors, and your daughter is adorable she looks too cute in that pic I agree
Originally Posted by jacquelyna /img/forum/go_quote.gif Great collection! And Charlie is a little cutie!
Charlie *is* a cutie!
Very nice stash BTW! I see you have the Clinique GWP perfectly real compact makeup. How do you like it? I have it too, and haven't used the included sponge, because well, it looks kinda flimsy, plus it's so small, and sponges are so irritating (as in frustrating) for me because they seem to hog all the makeup! So I've been trying to (unsuccessfully) use it with my foundation brush, but I've been getting ho-hum resualts, that or it is a really perfect match, because you can't tell it's there at all! (But then again, I can't see any flaws, either!) additionally, the makeup itself get's this dirty wet look to it...gross really. Don't know what to do. Have you a better way?

Also, what is that pretty pink glittery loose eyeshadow and the silvery domed shadow you have in your pics? Is the silvery domed one a mineral shadow? They both are really pretty. I also noticed that you have the Revlon lash jewels; is it hard to use? How exactly does it work? What is the end result? (Sorry for all the questions, really curious about this one hehe) And last but not least, since I've seen it in about 3 other stash threads, do you use that DUO surgical adhesive for false lashes? I didn't see any lashes in your stash but that doesn't mean you don't use them from time to time. The reason why I ask is I have only used LashGrip, and that'a all I've seen where I live, but sometimes if after I've just applied, and I step out, and it's a little breezy, my lashes can detach at the corners a bit, and I have to reinforce them. I was wondering if this was a better product that was still eye-safe. Okay, I'm done!


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