Hey guys,just wanna give update...

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Mar 2, 2007
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on my freelancing wrk.i get so much offers that i cannot even accept it.i didn't think it'll happen but it's happening.mostly from models and photographs.and mostly for paid sessions een though i accept trading for pics.every day i have like 4 msgs..and i cannot do it all because i do have day job.i haven't bought any spec make up except the huge collection i have at home and i had to buy lots for darsk skin because -don't know why-but mostly(i'd say 90%) of those who wanna wrk w/me are black women or any dark sinned women(latinas,indians etc)..i guess my make up art is mostly appealing to them.

well anyway that's my update.

that's overwhelming but it also means people really like your work, so of course you can't do it all but i think that's awesome news for you. and maybe if someday you wanted more than a freelancing job in makeup, there would be work for you.

Congrats on the overwhelmingly positive responses to your work!

WELL,I'D LOVE TO JUST DO MAKE UP BUT THIS IS for sure..pays my bills and it's here every day...if i get to mu business ,of course i am goinf to quit..but not unless i do mu for someone very known...so i can pay all of my bills.

but thanks anyway.

That's awesome. Remember when you weren't so busy/in demand and then out of nowhere became extremely busy. Enjoy what you do.


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