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Nov 14, 2007
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Let me introduce myself. I am 25, photographer amateur and since I allways had to made my models' make-up on my own, I start to search for information and finally realized, that not only photography, but also make-up is more than just a hobby.

During my searching I found this web and I hope that after I will be able to view pictures here I will also have some possibility to post some of my work

Also few months ago I found many info about MAC cosmetics and get absolutely thrilled. Whether there is someone who could give me more info about it, I would be grateful. The sortiment is so huge, that without help, I would be surely lost

So I wish you a very nice day! And thank you for standing by for a while


Hello and welcome to MUT! Just wanted to let you know there are members here who adopt newbies and help them out! So look out for them. But we have a search tool and I am sure you will find tons of info about MAC on here.

Thank you all SO MUCH! After I will have the possibility to view, visit and see the links and pictures, I will immediatelly visit all your links here
Thank you for invitation once again!

Hi and welcome. PM if you have any questions...........oh and you do that by clicking on the name over someones avatar and it gives you a choice of what you want to do.

Welcome to MUT! My name is Marisol and I look forward to getting to know you.

Hi Sarah and welcome to mut! Go to the makeuptalk forum and you'll find a ton of info about MAC!!


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