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May 2, 2012
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Hi everyone i'm Patricia. I just joined this forum. I've actually been reading it for a month or so now and decided to join a few days ago. What started me reading it is the fact that I won a GlossyBox and I searched on google for other people who were talking about it and found this site. I was so excited to read what others were saying about it.

I am actually still new to the makeup world, I never really wore makeup when I was a teen or even in my early to mid 20's so much. I'm 30 now and I feel kinda silly saying I don't know much about makeup! But you gotta start somewhere. I watch a lot of youtube videos of beauty guru's and have picked up a lot of tips and brands of makeup to try. So far my favorite by far is Benefit Cosmetics. I just love them! Well I guess that's all for now, looking forward to learning new things and being part of the makeup talk family! 


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