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I love the design of these boards. I'm relativly new here, but a lurker for a bit but can't wait to get start contributing. Gotta love makeup sites

Welcome to the board! Glad you like the board. We look forward to your posts!

Originally Posted by allisong Looks like a great board..Can't wait to meet everyone I am new too! I thought that this would be an appropriate place to add this tid-bit=>

I was recently told about a test you can do to find out if your make-up has lead in it
even the really expensive brands test positive!!!

this info was sent to me from someone active in the breast-cancer awareness and research


apply a small amount of make-up (lipstick especially) to the top of your wrist and rub it gently (about 5-10 times) with a GOLD (10k-14k) ring

if the make-up contains lead- the sample area will trurn BLACK-the darker it becomes represents the amout of lead content

this information is important-pass it along to every one you know that uses make-up- (lipstick has a very high relation to breast-cancer)

thanks for letting me share!!!


Welcome Allisong and Kraez70 nice to have you here at MUT I am Joy. Kraez70 the info you posted has me a bit concerned for many years I have been able to take 10 and 14kt gold jewlery and rub it on any part of my skin and leave a black mark. I can draw on myself with jewlery, I have used it in the past to take down phone #'s when I did not have a pen and paper. Myself, friends and family have always wondered why I could do this. Now I am kind of worried it, I wonder if I should have my blood checked for lead or something I have also been quite ill with Lupus for 17 years, your post has me wondering if there might be some connection. Hmmmmmm

Hi there and WELCOME!! My name is Leila from FL... You are going to LOOOOVE this forum!! These girls are completely addictive!

Originally Posted by kellianne76 Welcome to MUT, I'm Kelli from Tampa, Fl. Everyone here is super friendly and helpful. Wait you are from Tampa too? I thought you were from Brandon? Or am I thinking of someone else?
Originally Posted by MACGoddess Wait you are from Tampa too? I thought you were from Brandon? Or am I thinking of someone else? I live in Tampa, I live down the street from Busch Gardens.
I was like.. "Hey, Ali's back" but that's actually a thread from 2004 guys! Ali actually was a mod on here before!

Anyway, welcome to MuT Kraez, i'm Laura from Ireland. If you need help with anything on this site just shout

Hello to all that is new and welcome to MUT
Its a great site and everyone is really nice and helpful!!

Hi to both of you and welcome to MuT
Thanks for the lead test! Is there a site we can visit to find out which brand l/s carry lead?


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