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Aug 9, 2005
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Hello! I am going to be in my towns royalty pageant, and my talent is my Clarinet. But I need it to be more entertaining. I am going to talk a little about it before I play it, and i want to add something funny. But I am clueless, i have searched alover google for fun facts and what-not. Do you know any???

Also do you have any other tips for me??? or even songs to suggest??? thx!!!

Hi! Well first of all congrats on being in a pageant! (And if you ever have any insider pageant beauty secrets, please share them with us!) Anyway, on to the talent subject. The only thing I could think of was for you to play a song while being dressed as a certain character, something well known. Like if you played the song "Tomorrow" you could dress up as Orphan Annie. I know that's a lame example but you get the idea! And when you do your talk before playing, you'd be speaking as the character. Or what about dressing all punk or heavy metal or something, doing your talk in a gruff, obnoxious voice, then playing a sappy slow song like "Feelings"? That could be funny!

Congrats on being in the pagaent. Have fun and if you can, post pics!

i would say if you can't think of anything funny to say, DON"T SAY ANYTHING FUNNY!!! let's face it; the clarinet just isn't a barrel of laughs. that isn't to say that the clarinet is not a great instrument, but it is usually safe to say that if you are searching for something funny about something, it won't come off very well. as a violinist, i would say, wow the audience with a really great classical work....bach is baroque, but bach is interesting, and you could talk about the musical patterns in bach. maybe work with a piano accompaniest?

if you are good at improvising and arranging, i would say you could take a more modern artist you love and make an arrangement for clarinet. i would say just have fun with it and try to do your best; don't be concerned with entertaining a crowd with humor - your talent speaks for itself!!!

if you have a private tutor or a band director, perhaps ask them to help arrange something with you that is sure to impress! i like the idea of having someone to accompany you on piano. maybe find a duet of some sort where the clairnet is forefront? (sorry...i don't know too much about music written for clarinet!)

i'm sure you will do an excellent job! just stick to what you know...and remember - the clarinet is cool! don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! good luck!


I wish I had some clever advise to offer but Goodluck, I am sure you'll blow em' away with your clarinet!!!