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Aug 25, 2007
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Hello, sorry for my english, I'm french. I'm glad to find this forum, thanks you at lilita's blog (who posted the link).

I love makeup, I'm a fan of Urban Decay, Mac, for years (difficult to find here), I am new fan of MeowCosmetics, and I love other brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Bourjois, Logona, DrHauschka, Santé etc (european brands).

For skin care, I prefer organics brands, like Mosqueta's Gold, Weleda, Dr.Hauschka, I&M, La drôme provençale etc

I lived in a small country in Europe, Belgium, and yes, belgian chocolate is the best, and this is not "french frites", but "belgian frites", and we have amazing wafels, and "surréaliste" is made in Belgium, a and we have the own fashions towns (Anvers & Bruxelles) and Jacques Brel is a Belgian not french
but we don't have sephora or paypal and my country is small, small, but I love it (and no, we don't speak 3 languages ^^).


Thank to read, kiss

Bienvenue! Je suis certaine que votre anglais ne sera pas pire que mon francais!

C'est chouette de vous faire conaissance (meme que je n'ai pas deja m'introduire moi-meme!).

[Translation: Welcome! I'm certain that your English won't be worse than my French. It's nice to meet you (even though I haven't yet introduced myself!)]



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