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Sep 9, 2007
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Hi everyone, I'm a new member from France. I love makeup, in fact I would never consider leaving my house without having some makeup on! However for a long time I stuck to some basics my mom and friends taught me when I was a teen and I've recently decided to change things a little (need I mention it was REALLY necessary?
) So here I am hoping to gather lots of useful tips from the more experimented users around her, and maybe after a while I'll also be able to give some tips to others.

Hey Welcome to MUT Ondine!

I'm new too, but I don't think i ever intro'd myself.

So, Hi guys!!!

I love the Forum, it's everything I've been lookin for.

Question tho, How do I start a new thread?

thanks reesesilverstar, i'm glad to see I'm not the only one who was puzzled about starting a new thread!

There's a new thread button at the top of the page between the toolbar and the actual "message frame" (don't know if that's clear)

Ha ha!!! I TOTALLY missed that... I think I need a stronger prescription of eye-glasses.

Thanks a bunch!