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Hey! Get out of that corner so people can welcome you properly!!!

I'm Kee from Canada! Welcome to MUT!!

Originally Posted by ArtlesslyA /img/forum/go_quote.gif *sees Kee's friendly face* ok i'm out, hi Kee, thanks for the welcome. Yay! No prob! Us MUTers can't stick in corners, if we do, what would happen to the threads?
wow, hi everybody! thanks for the lovely welcome! ok, fashionfaves, since you asked about my makeup likes and dislikes.... i looove eyeliner and eye makeup in general, i'm just starting to venture into lip colors other than brown. Also, like fake eyelashes, my friend wears them all the times, she always looks so glam! as for dislikes....i dunno yet. and thanks again everyone for the welcoming!


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