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Sep 7, 2007
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I saw this great picture of Ciara wearing a pair, I wondered if anyone knows where I can find a pair and if they compliment "hippie" women?


High waisted pants are in style now.
You should probably be able to find a pair anywhere where jeans are sold!

im plus sized, but if you get the right fit, you can still rock them, They work best with hips, curves are always in, Stick figures are only nice to hang designers clothes on.

I don't like the way I look in high-waisted pants, but they look great on a lot of girls I've seen wearing them.

I have a few pairs and I love them!! They look best on people who want to accentuate their shape. Also people with long legs and torsos. Mine are vintage but I see them in mainstream stores like Macys lately.

All I can think of is that clip from SNL about "Mom Jeans" and I dread them coming back in style again.


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