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Sep 15, 2007
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Is there any highlight product that comes in a tube so you only use a small amount? I've bought Loreal Highlight kit with the powder and creme and always used half to do my entire head but now i only want to do a few thin strands. Loreal's product lasted several months and i want the same time length, nothing that washes out in a few washes. My hair is medium brown and straight. Everyone raves about the Loreal highlights I put in my hair but i'm leaning toward wanting the natural look of my brown hair and wanting some light highlights. Any product in a tube? Thanks in advance.

Others may differ but you can use a lighter hair dye and apply just as you would if you were highlighting hair.

If your hair is a medium neutral brown, you could use dark ash blond as the highlight colour.

Since you are only applying a small amount of the colour, only mix what you think you need and save the rest for future touch ups.

Hope that helps


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