Hilary Swank Opens Up About Her Man – and Her Vitamin Habit

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Feb 12, 2005
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What's the status of Hilary Swank's relationship with boyfriend John Campisi? You should already know the answer to that, the two-time Oscar winner says.

"Of course I'm in love," the actress, 33, tells W magazine in its January issue. "Or I wouldn't be in this relationship for as long as I've been. He's a great guy."

Swank and Campisi, a CAA talent agent, have been together since the summer of 2006, following her 2006 split from her husband of eight years, Chad Lowe.

Popping Vitamins

Swank doesn't elaborate further about Campisi, but she does talk about another constant companion – her stash of vitamins. She takes some 45 supplements daily, and says mostly they're good for her health.

"I just took my most important ones, which are my Oz Garcia Longevity Pak," she tells the interviewer. "I shoved them in my mouth right before I met you, which I actually shouldn't do, because I choked on my vitamins once before."

But vitamins alone aren't enough to stay healthy, says Swank. "Exercise is also really important to me," she adds. "I think it gives me more energy. I would rather sleep six hours and get an hour workout than sleep seven hours."

Farewell, New York

One love affair that has faded for Swank, however: her relationship with New York, which she recently left after many years as a resident.

"I looked and looked and looked for a place in New York," she explains. "I just didn't find anything. Prices have just skyrocketed!"


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