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Sep 27, 2003
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The Laura Mercier secret concealer is one of the most popula concealers and used by the celebrities. It's also been featured in several magazines for example In Style magazine included the product in the Hollywoods secret weapons article. I had a makeup done by a Laura Mercier makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue and she used the concealer under my eye. After the makeup I fell in love with Laura Mercier products and use several of them. I have the stick blush, tinted moisturizer, loose powder and the cake eye liner.

Originally Posted by SuzyMe I second this! I love her products....What else do you have from Laura Mercier? IS THERE ANYONE WHO MAKES A CONCEALER WITH NO WAXES AND MINERAL OIL? EVERY ONE I'VE TRIED WITH THESE INGREDIENTS BREAKS OUT MY SKIN.
Originally Posted by bluepisces Um, yes. The ones marked "NON COMEDOGENIC", "NON ACNEGENIC" and "OIL FREE". been there, tried that....no matter...if it's got waxes or mineral oils or silicone products I'm out of luck.....
Hi G8FISCH I will try and find out if there are any makes of concealors which might be suitable for you. Good Luck i am sure there must be some out there.


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