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Mar 30, 2007
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I really like almost everything from the line, but these are two of my favorites. I'm a pink fiend, what can I say?

Here's the entire collection: Hollywould : Women : Target

Oh Crap!!! There are a few pairs of pumps I MUST have. These designers for Target are breaking my bank more than the real thing!! I end up buying way more because it's cheap....

i own one pair of Hollywould shoes i bought two years ago for $350 on sale for $175 at Nordstroms... I'm amazed at Target for being able to pull in the big guys like they do and making it affordable for everyone.

ooooh I love those! the shoes are hot, and the bag is so cute! I would be interested in seeing more stuff from the range

I tried the shoes on today, but in red..they didn't have the pink at my Target, and boy are they cuuuuuuute! Yes, that cute. I love them & might have to get them.

Rosie...did you check out the link? I hope it worked for you girls. You have Targets by you, right?

I saw the purses today at Target. very pretty but still too much for me. lol I'm a tightwad lol


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