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Feb 12, 2005
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Though I do adore going to the spa, it just isn’t financially possible to go every month. It’s easy to give yourself a facial at home and here is how I pamper myself.



Face cloth

Cotton Pads

Warm Water

Large Bowel


Makeup Remover

Gentle Cleanser



Eye cream



Start by gently removing makeup from around your eyes. Use a cleanser specifically for that delicate skin and rinse off if necessary. For your face use a cleanser that is designed for your skin type: gels are great for oily skins, creams for dry skins. Splash you face with warm water - not hot and then take a dime size amount into wet hands, lather slightly and then apply to skin. Work the product into skin using circular movements, missing the eye and mouth areas. Rinse the cleanser off using clean warm water.


Exfoliation is extremely important because it improves the the surface appearance and function of the skin, resulting in clearer, smoother, more even-toned skin. Choose a gentle exfoliant, you do not want to tear the skin but rather polish it. Using your fingers apply the product in a circular motion to the skin, focusing on congested areas. Rinse well using clean warm water.


You want to open your pores before using a mask so that all the impurities are removed. Boil some water in your kettle and pour into a large ceramic bowl. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to cool down. Cover your head with a towel and place your head 10 inches above the water. Let the steam penetrate your pores for about 8-10 minutes, then pat your skin dry.


I love a good mask. My skin always feels so clean and smooth after using one. Choose a mask that is designed for your skin type - clay masks are great for drawing out impurities in oily or acne prone skin, a moisturizing mask for dry skin. Apply a generous amount to your face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Most masks should be left on for about 10-15 minutes and then I like to remove it with a wet face cloth. Gently pat skin dry.


Every skin type needs a moisturizer. It will keep your skin hydrated and balanced. Choose one to suit your skins needs and then apply a thin layer to the skin avoiding the eye and mouth area. Finish off with an eye cream.

There you have it - your very own home facial routine. What products do you like to use for your facial? I’d love to hear about them.


thanks ! this is really great, facials cost so much here ! i never think of that steam step when doing a mask though i know my pores need to be opened.

the products i use are a makeup remover from Uriage (it's basically water and can be used as a toner), Alep soap as face cleanser, a white clay based facescrub from Cattier (french organic brand).

for masks, i combine green clay and rhassoul, and wait about 20 minutes. when my skin is particularly dehydrated, i use a mask from La Roche Posay called hydraphase, it works great.

i finish with my usual moisturizer, currently it's one from Weleda for sensitive, normal to combo skins. i always apply a nice coat of eyecream (Aqua sensation from Nivea).

Gracias Marisol! A facial sounds so good right now, I'll ave to print this sheet out

great "pamper me" regime! thanks marisol! these are the products i love for my at home facials!

cleanser - aveeno clear complexion or dermalogica special cleansing gel

exfoliant - dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant, dermalogica daily microfoliant, dermalogica skin prep scrub, or st ives apricot scurb.

steam - i like a drop of tea tree oil in steam water

mask - queen helene mint julep, dermalogica hydrating, or origins out of trouble

serum - dermalogica skin hydrating or vitamin e capsule (under mask)

toner - dermalogica multi active or stridex pads for sensitive skin

moisturizer - dermalogica active moist, rx for brownskin bright & even.

thanks M! I really want to try this.. maybe I can con the bf into helping me with it


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