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Jan 18, 2004
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Hi Ladies, i just thought i would share something with you that might be helpful to you. I don't know about you but i am one of those people who are always very affected by their hormones! I came across this software as i was looking to try and keep records of my moods and pmt so that i can plan ahead and work with my hormones and bio rthyms. For examply i know i always get sugar cravings when i have pmt, so now armed with that info, knowlege is power and i can make adjustments to my diet,lifestlye and schedule schedule. This software is also fun to use you can enter all your moods etc and see ahead that week or month. I am still getting up to date with learning how to use it but it has been extremely helpful for me as i am now on my 4th month. There are icons for when you feel happy sad tearful cheerful etc you name it they have an icon for it
and you can add your own (its fun to do and interesting to see the patterns that emerge as time goes on).

It also has a lunar calendar which is perfect for people who are interested in in the Moon's position and influence (as i am). There was a free trail of it but i liked it so much i bought it and its like a calendar for your mind, body and spirt....not to mention it can predicts the sex of the baby etc.

Every woman needs a hormonal calander

Originally Posted by Marisol What is the name of this software? Sounds interesting... Hi Marisol, it's called The Hormonal Forecastor and it was made or designed by a man Called Brain Falkerton. They have it on a free trial for a while but as i said i loved it as it's so useful and interesting. Search for the hormonalforecastor.com and you should get it no problem.
Originally Posted by Marisol Thanks Pauline. Your Welcome Marisol. I am interested to know what you think of it. I haven't filled it all in, just the relevant bits but i haven't quite managed to get it all running, i am still working on understanding it fully. So far though so good.

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