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Mar 5, 2005
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This week it has been really hot and humid in Sweden, nice to see some sun but I´m clearly not used to this.

My problem is that I can´t use any moisturizer in this weather, it just sweats right off. Somehow the skin just "pushes" the cream or lotion or gel right out so it never gets in the skin ;( and I still need my moisturizer since my skin is a little on the dry side. Not to mention using any sunscreen
. It´s not the "normal" perspiration, but somehow the skin react and tries to push it off as soon as I apply it.

So all of you ladies that are used to this kind of weather - how do you do it?? How to get the skin to "accept" the moisturizer? Please help me!


I agree, put your moisturizer on and wait for it to absorb and then go into the humidity.

I heard somewhere that it's best to put on your moisturizer within the 1st three minutes after you get out of the shower etc. After I get out of the shower I go straight to my bedroom (which has an a/c) and moisturize--otherwise my skin feels like I'm oozing sweat. I hope that helps a little.

hi- I have the same problem. I am in NJ and we are known for the humidity! It kills me! Never mind the multiple bad hair days.. thank god for hair clips.. oh, um, anyway. I need my moisturizer every day, i have too! And yes, i totally understand your dilemma. I use MAC's Light moisturizer and that does make a difference. Also, i try REALLY hard not to use TOO hot water! That strips the skins natural oils resulting in the skin working overtime to replace said lost oils.. so, that results in competition between skin and moisturizer. Try to use a little less or a lighter version and try to do it when you get out of the shower.. HTHS

Thank you all!

I tried almost all the ideas at once this morning, applying only a tiny amount of oilfree moisturizer right after a very moderate temperated shower (wouldn´t want a hot one these days anyway) and stayed in a room with a fan for about 30 minutes (don´t have any AC, usually not much use for that here) to let it sink in. This helped at least a little bit, but there would be no use trying to put on anyting heavier, sunscreen or any foundation

I supposed I´m just not used to this weather, strangely this doesn´t happens when I workout and gets hot.

Well I heard today that the heatwave are supposed to be over soon, leaving room for more moderate tempetures.


Also, Try Spritzing Your Face With Mineral Water SEVERAL TIMES A Day. M

I live in Hawaii and it's pretty hot/humid all the time. I use a light moisturizer (DHC's Acerola Gel) and then I put on DHC's White sunscreen (it's dries pretty matte, not greasy). I wait 20 min or so and apply my foundation/pressed powder/loose powder.. and I have never had a prob with the foundation sliding off!

I still use a moisturizer every morning (hot & humid here too) - because even though I tend to get shiny during the day in this weather, my skin is still dry. I also use a tinted moisturizer in the summer instead of foundation (unless my skin breaks out) - which sort of kills 2 birds with one stone...