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Aug 27, 2007
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This modern-day side-swept haircut offers a fresh and jaunty attitude that we fell in love with instantly. Created by Charles Worthington and aptly named the urban shag, it's a contemporary trend that embodies carefree sophistication and just plain fun. The texture is achieved with a choppy "razor cutting" method, in which hair is cut at an angle to frame the face in long extended wisps. The hair is then blown dry after an application of Charles Worthington Relax & Unwind Blow-Dry Straightening Balm (available at drugstores nationwide). After each section is dried in a downward motion, hair is blasted with cold air to help seal the cuticle. Next, a light application of Worthington's Results Straightening-Iron Protection Spray, and then a straightening iron is run from the roots to the ends to ensure poker-straight hair.