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Jun 26, 2005
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Duluth, GA
I went out to lunch Thursday to a local bar/restaurant called Wild Wing Cafe (great place by the way)...and the hostess had some awesome mu on!! It was the way she did it. She showed me the makeup she used and low and behold it's at Hot Topic for $6.99. Anyone ever tried this?

I think she covered it with glitter, but my thought is that would be great for my cruise! I could create a sunset look with that color and Mac Goldmine and Mac Chrome Yellow! I'm still a total rookie, but if that doesn't sound good together and anyone has any suggestions as to what would make a good sunset look, let me know!!


First time trying to post a pic...hope it works!!


Cool color! I think that it would work with Goldmine. Don't have Chrome Yellow so don't know what that looks like.

i've seen/heard lots of good things, but when i went into the store (where they totally looked at me like, are you sure you wanna be here? LOL), their selection sucked. could've been just that one store, but not sure. lots of neons.

Neons ??? That's a hot pink color - Think it would look a lot better on your cheeks??? I'm not a "loud" color person.... Maybe only the "young" can pull these colors off......

i absolutely love hot topics makeup..i bought a 5 color palette, and it was extremely pigmented. plus the people at hot topic are super nice
anyhow..the colors i bought were black, grey, white, dark purple, and dark brown ..but i think i'll get some of their neon colors next time...