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Jan 27, 2013
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I received a new buffing block as a gift and I think I overused it and thinned my nails.

I have never bitten my nails, and since using the buffing block a few times, the edges of my nails keep getting chipped, and they look like I've been biting them!!  I keep clipping short (within reason) so they don't look like I bite them.

Has anyone had this problem before or do you know someone who has? What's the best way in this situation to get my nails stronger, thicker and back to normal in as little time as possible? 

Thank you,


It'll grow out and it'll be fine. When you buff your nails you do have to have a light hand. For now just use a base coat that contains fiberglass to reinforce your nails.

I did that exact thing and before I did it, my nails were healthy, strong and long and after this they kept on splitting. I've been using Nailtiques, but I didn't notice any difference until I started moisturizing my cuticles for some odd reason...Now they are starting to look long again and I'm super excited

Get Nail Tek Foundation II. It is a great strengthener and also a ridge filler. Put on 2 coats, your nail polish, and Seche Vite top coat and you have sturdy nails until they grow back out. I love the Nail Tek and will probably use it forever! You can get it at Sally Beauty Supply or on Ebay. It's not expensive...try to get a 2 pak deal 
 because you will need it. Using what I just said, my manicure lasts a week or maybe a day less. I tell everyone, I love the Wet and Wild Megalast polish and it's only 1.69 a bottle at Wal-mart. $1.99 every place else.

Good Luck!

Mavala has a two part system with fiberglass fibers in it to strengthen nails. I have it and it really works- I do not use it that much as most of the time my nails are fine.

But it is called Nail Shield whatshebuys has it will fast and free shipping.

Also Mavala scientifique nail hardener. the bottle seems really small, but the large 5ml bottle should last you a year. It is liquid like water and you put it just on the nail tips- it absorbs and hardens the nail right away.

I don't know how they do it, works like magic I guess?


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