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Nov 26, 2005
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ok, i have gold in my hair(it's a very dark blonde with growing out highlights). i don't really have the money to get my hair done right now, the last time i got highlights which was over a yr. ago, she just really over did it. so anyways i was wondering if i mixed natural dk blonde with dark ash blonde if it would keep the gold out , but still not look too ashy. has anyone ever done anything like this or have any tips?

Be careful. It is only the highlighted bits that are gold tinted, not the rest of your hair. If you want to 'ash' it over, choose a shade that is in the same family as your un-highlighted hair. The highlighted hair will absorb the color faster than the unprocessed hair, and it should be relatively equalized when done.

well my natural hair color has gold in it, the highlighted parts are fine, except more than i wanted and lighter. she really didn't listen to what i said i wanted.i just don't know how i should do it. i'll probably just end up at the salon(a diff. one) i'm just at one of those points to where it's time for a change, ya know. but thank you for your input.

Use "No-red". You can get it at Sally beauty, you mix it with your haircolor and it keeps out red and gold tones.


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