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I don't think you have odd features at all. You have great eyes with lots of lid room to do beautiful things. It looks like your eyes are dark blue or green but hard to tell from the pics. I would definitely play up your eyes a pop of color. Maybe some purples that aren't too bright with a nice medium pink lip.

The other idea I had when I saw you want simple neutral brown shadows, black winged liner on the upper lid and bold red lipstick. With your dark hair that would look awesome!

I agree with Dalylah, black winged liner looks great on you, I say get a nice mascara that adds volume to your lashes to make your pretty eyes pop nicely, I love Mally volumizing mascara, that + neutral shadows and red lipstick will look awesome with glasses on or off :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> (also welcome to MUT ^^ )

Odd? Because you have BIG beautiful eyes. I'd kill to have large eyes like that. Play those babies up!

You are stunning. I love the way your eyes are shaped and all that space on the lid to apply eyeshadow makes me so envious of you:) I love the wing'd out liner look on you, also I think a smokey eye would look fabulous.

I agree with all the previous posters about playing up your eyes.   I don't have any additional makeup tips, but I'd try to find a hairstyle that really opens up and emphasizes your eyes.  The long bangs are casting a shadow over your eyes and hiding them a little.

First, nobody with Bette Davis eyes has odd features.

I *love* super-hooded lids. They're very sexy.

I'd say away from a retro winged eyeliner look, imo, because when you have very prominent lids (I do, too), often it can be hard to make the eyeliner look perfect, and it can make the lid look even larger. Instead, I think I'd go with a sweep of a taupe or light, shimmery brown/gold over the lid and up through the crease. Sometimes, to make my eyes look a little more elongated at the sides (because mine are really round as well), I'll sweep a little of the eyeshadow out like winged eyeliner and then work it up to the crease. It does give a bit more of a cat-eyed effect. Then some darker brown eyeshadow with an angled brush along your lash line and lots of black mascara.

Neutral blush or bronzer on the cheeks and a "MLBB" (my lips but better) lipstick or lip gloss on the mouth.

I also feel like your face would suit a nice chin-or-slightly-longer-length bob, a la Audrey Tautou:


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