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Jul 10, 2012
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Whether you're loving Sex and the City, or simply in the market for hair brand spanking new "do for the summer, you are the odds are well known to you the infamous" Ballerina "or" cake Carrie Bradshaw. "

It's a big deal at the moment. All puns intended. Seriously, this thing is huge, and a very long time now people have been out of their minds trying to figure out how to look larger than life with locks on that only limpish will go the distance.

If you want to know how simple it is to achieve this style summer superbly, and watch the video above and be prepared to get carried away ...

Tips to keep in mind when trying to look:

     * - When you buy a donut, try to find one closer to your natural hair color as possible. This solution any embarrassment if your shape and tuck technology is not perfect.
     * - Do not forget to put your pony in the crown of your head - the higher the better!


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