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Nov 11, 2012
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Back a few months ago, I got a really horrendous set of acrylics done. They were poorly done, didn't last very long, looked crappy, and worst of all, ruined my nails! They are finally starting to grow out and become healthy again, but it's happening very slowly.

How do I get my nails healthy and long again? I've been painting them on a regular basis which has actually seemed to help, I think because the polish protects them...but at the same time, nail polish remover tends to dry them out a bit.

What do I do?

I feel your pain!! My nails are horrendous at the moment so I'm on a real nail care kick. I've been using OPI Nail Envy (which is brilliant) every day plus it can be applied on top of nail polish. I've read reviews for a nail protectant by Sally Hansen which might be worth a look at. Also by Sally Hansen is a nail/cuticle pen which you can use as often as you want, again this is really good at keeping nails healthy. Use a good hand cream and make sure you moisturise your nails too. Here's hoping to long and strong nails by spring lol :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I moisturize my hands like it's my job, and I have a Sally Hansen nail treatment I use...but my progress is super slow =/

Keeping polish on my nails definitely helps protect them and keeps me from picking at them! I try never to have bare nails for a long period of time.

When I use nail polish remover, I wash my hands afterwards, rub a nail growth treatment into the nail, and then rub cuticle oil into the nail. I use pure acetone to remove my nail polish and it is very drying. Having dehydrated nails is supposed to make your polish last longer, but I'd rather have healthy nails and a shorter lasting manicure. 

And I take biotin supplements, 5000 mg a day. I'm not actually sure if this helps my nails, but it makes my leg hair grow quicker, so I hope it's improving my nail strength lol

When my nails are dry I use cuticle oil. Helps a ton. Maybe you can get a nail strengthening polish or nail care kit!:)

Definitely moisturizing your nails and cuticles will help  a lot. Also maybe a protein type of nail strengthener like nailtiques would help

I love nailtiques. Though I also have the problem of weak nails. About a year ago I had my acrylic nails removed by a so called professional and she massacred my nails. Both thumbs have these weird vertical cracks that will not go away even after constant care. Any ideas how to fix?

I love to applying nail polish for long nails.But my nails are so weak and are not growing well.If they reach certain height they are  broken for my regular house hold works.What to do?

I have seen recently in paper that artificial nails and designs on nails  are also available.Have you tried these?

Originally Posted by kushy /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I have seen recently in paper that artificial nails and designs on nails  are also available.Have you tried these?
I've gotten designs on acrylics multiple times. And my friend has gotten designs on gels.


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