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Mar 5, 2012
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I've just recently quit biting my nails, but apparently, if you've ever been a nail biter, your cuticles don't grow in correctly. As a result, I have really short nails and I hate it. I was wondering if there's any way I can fix this? 

All advice would be appreciated as I have so much nail polish that I feel goes to waste on stumpy little nails!

I chewed my nails on and off for years and years.  I've not had any problems with them now that I have stopped.  I suggest moisturizing your hands and nails and having patience so they will grow.  My hair and nails grow fast.  Perhaps yours is slow so give it time, its not going to happen overnight.  Put some nice polish on it, manicure it so that they are more even and filed.  

Take supplements with horsetail, water soluble silica, comfrey, etc in them, as well as a good quality protein powder such as AOR, high doses of vitamin d (I take 10,000 IU a day). I've had very long nails all my life, from about the age of 12. The only time they started breaking/peeling is when my body was malnourished as a result of having typhoid while living overseas. As soon as I started taking supplements to build my body back up, my nails started growing again. I constantly have to trim them because they just keep growing to ridiculous lengths without breaking. There is very little you can do from the outside of your body to make your nails longer or stronger, including applying oils, creams, whatever. Strong nails come from the inside.

first, you have to stop bitting your nails. then wait several days to let your nails can be a little longer. never can you bite it or polish it until it grows long enough.

There are two main rules to prevent nail damage and breakage. First, never use your nails as tools. And second, always protect your nails while cleaning. When you wash the dishes, mop floors, clean the furniture, wash the car, etc.,


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