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May 31, 2005
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i am planning to learn how to curl my hair with a curling iron (after years of straightening it everyday!) and every time i do it, it just doesnt seem to last very long! by afternoon, my hair is almost straight again!!

are there any lotions/sprays/shampoos/serums so i could easily curl my hair and make it last long?

i have very fine thin hair, so it's hard for me to find a product that doesn't way my hair down.

I have fine hair that's naturally slightly wavy ... I have never been able to get it to hold a curl with a curling iron (my friends were amazed at how quickly my hair went flat at a formal event at college!) but it holds a curl all day if I curl it wet -- like blowdrying my hair with a round brush, or drying my hair with curlers. (Of course my hair also gets curlier when it gets wet ... at that same formal event, it started raining later that night and my hair got curlier while my friends' hair went flat, and then they were jealous of me! lol)

I can also get my hair a little curlier by using a curling mouse or spray on wet hair and scrunching it and letting it dry ... there's lots of brands of products like this, I use some things I picked up at Wal-Mart but I'm not sure if they're the best.

So I guess I don't have any advice on curling irons, I just thought I'd mention that there are other curling techniques that might work better -- if your hair is anything like mine, that is!

hi, My hair is really pin straight and its very hard to get it to curl. I have played around with a few products and I have found that Got2B curling spray works best for me. I sprayed it on my damp out of the shower hair then I blow dried it. After that, I curled it, I also didn't put anything else in my hair for the first time, just to see what the product does. My hair was amazing, it curled up great and lasted a long time. I also got great compliments on my curly hair which is so unusual because its usually a half curly mess!
I also found out that damaged hair that has not been trimmed wont curl very well and won't stay curled. I think you should try the spray it really works and smells like apples or something. My hair is fine too but the spray worked well and didn't weigh it down, it had more body and was bouncy. I also recommend a ceramic curling iron which you can find at Sally's or any beauty supply store. The heat for ceramic irons are really hot, so they may damage your hair a bit, I've noticed my hair gets fried and frizzy after I've curled it a bunch of times so I usually use a good conditioner or hot oil. Good luck!
Paul Mitchell's sculpting spray is pretty good... also the stying sprays by Sexyhair concepts. Be sure that if you want to get extra time out of the curl - don't condition that day! Its weighs down your hair and can pull out the curl. Also, a good hairspray always helps! I like Hair Toys Enviro 54 Photo op Spray... (By Farouk) it holds the style, but doesn't give you that stiff, starched, gummy look of regular hairsprays