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Dec 28, 2012
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How do I make my eyebrows thin?

I am a male. I am 22 and have thick eyebrows. I don't want to hear opinions on what looks better or what you like the best, I just want to simply please know how to make them thinner. I personally myself don't like my thick eyebrows and that's what I want, please respect my choice as I would your's. Thank you. Now with out of the way, I would like to begin telling you I've had my eyebrows plucked a few time. No success.

My eyebrows are thick. They are dark hairs. I just personally don't like it on me and want to change it. and thinking today's time where we are and how advanced humanity is I would think there is some way to do so.

I want my eyebrows to look like this picture below:

Thank you for your time and thanks even more if you can give me an answer that will help me out.

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You could try having them bleached that would make them appear thinner. Also have you had them threaded or waxed?

I would go have them professionally waxed. Of course you could try this at home but if you aren't used to doing it the potential for mistakes is pretty high. If you want the color changed you can have them lightened as well at a salon.  Both procedures would require upkeep and future visits to the salon.

Waxing is a good method as it will shape the brow nicely.

Eyebrows frames the face, and you may discover that thin brows won't suit you, but your technician would be able to tell you what is best for your face.



experts are yet to find a solution for removal of hair permanently, you can only bleach then or plug them.


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