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Feb 27, 2005
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I'm always unsure of how to use blush and lip colors.

Like what kind of colors would you use when you've done blue shadow eyes?

What about purples eyes? Green?

I don't want to look like a clown or like I came from the 80's. lol

i think i asked this question before and got answers, so let me go back and find the thread to show you

EDIT: found it!

there's only a few answers, but they helped me!

I think if you do a bright color, you should only use neutrals for the other parts of your face, if you're unsure. Muted colors work with brights IMHO.

So, for example, if you did blue e/s, then do peachy-bronze cheeks and lips. Neutrals for cheeks- peachy bronzes, bronzers (like NARS Casino, my fav!), or MAC Trace Gold. Neutrals for lips- browns, beiges, peachy-bronzes, etc.

Trisha does a lot of bright eye looks, so maybe she'll have better advice for you.

Originally Posted by charms23 I only really have two lipsticks (sad I know, but looking to buy some more) so I don't have much of a problem. One of my l/s is High Tea, a very nice nude lip color that pretty much goes with anything. The other l/s I have is Petal Lure, a pinky peach color that I think also goes with anything. Maybe you can try to purchase or use some nude l/s - you can't go wrong with that. I also only have two lipsticks (actually glosses) -- a pale pink liquid lipstick (very complementary to my skin tone, in my opinion) and a clear lipgloss with sparkle. I wear the pink with almost anything (I personally love it with my white shimmery eye shadow), but I only wear the sparkly when I have more subdued eyes, like matte browns or nudes. (Sparkly lips and sparkly or shimmery eyes are too much for me!) I haven't tried blushes (I'm also scared of looking like a clown, I am so pale!) but I might pick up a very pale pink or peach color next time I go shopping...
I also agree it's best to go with fairly nude or neutral lips if you've got lots of color on your eyes -- that way the focus is clearly on your eyes, and your eyes and lips are not fighting for attention! But if you have neutral eyes, then you can draw more attention to your lips with bright or sparkly lip color. But those are just my random thoughts

That was helpful, Trisha! I do mine the same as you, except if I do a black/grey smokey eye, I might use a brighter pink cheek and lips. It sounds like too much, but it looks good, I swear!

I agree with what Trisha says for blush, but I do have a tendancy to go for brighter lips. If I can get away with pairing any eye look with fuschia lips without it looking silly then I will do. I also think green or silver eyes look fantastic with deep purple lips.

I pretty much either wear pink or peach blushes, and always a light pink lip - I'm a creature of habit! LOL
Originally Posted by Trisha OK heres what I generally do:
Neutral Eye: Can do anything, but i usually do rosy cheeks and lips

(Black/Grey) Smokey Eye: Nude cheeks/lips

Blue Eye: Baby pink cheeks/lips

Green Eye:peachy Pink cheeks/lips

Purple Eye: Peachy/Coral cheeks/lips

Coral Eye: Nude or Peachy cheeks/lips

Silver Eye: Soft Pink Cheeks/Lips

Gold Eye: Neutral/Brown cheeks/lips

And if i do red lips, I usually go soft pink on cheeks and very natural on eyes, with a slight flick of black liner! x

Hope that helps a bit. xx

As always, great advice Trisha!
Thanks everyone for the advice. I only have 3 blushes, so it won't be too hard to choose what to wear. lol

It would depend entirely on the shade of the eye shadow and what colour I want to pair with it to get a particular look. i.e. I mostly pair blue e/s like MAC Brill and Tilt with pale cool pink cheeks and lips because they're cooler and more muted but I like to pair brighter, warmer blues like MAC Freshwater with warm peaches. I like to pair greeny blues with peaches as well, or warm pinks, but they can equally look good with mauvey pinks. It just depends what kind of look you want.

I mostly pair purple e/s with pale cool pinks but it can be nice to contrast them with warm peaches. Be experimental! I am quite anal about matching my cheeks and lips, though. They have to be the exact same colour and shade/tone. I just prefer to have i.e. warm blue eyes with peach cheeks and lips rather than warm blue eyes, peach cheeks and rose lips. That looks too chaotic for me rather than the colours complementing each other.

Originally Posted by NYAngel98 I pretty much either wear pink or peach blushes, and always a light pink lip - I'm a creature of habit! LOL
Oh, I meant to say I pair cool greens with either mauvey pinks, pale cool pinks, bubblegum pinks, peaches or warm pinks and mostly pair warm greens with peaches, peachy pinks or warm pinks.

Dark purple eyes are quite nice with sheer peachy browny nude cheeks and champagne lips, too, or sheer bubblegum pinks, and muted purples for day can be nice with cool browny pinks, too. There's so many variations that work, really.