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Aug 2, 2005
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in my opinion i don't think the very samll amount of the makeup we wear would affect even if it was poisnous : i don't know

but thank you so much for sharing!

May 3, 2005
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Originally Posted by redmonkey786 hiya all!dont mean to put you off your make up but thought this was worth looking at:

red monkey, I've had an interest in cosmetic product ingredients for awhile. Actually started since I had my first child, and I began reading the ingredients in his shampoo and bubble bath. His Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo had Quaternium 15 in it, which is formaldehyde. You know the stuff they embalm corpes in . Yeeech. Anyway, it's a toxin. Since then, I do check labels, and try to buy natural/organic cosmetics and beauty products. I may not always for myself, but I get the kid's stuff at Whole Foods.

I hate to think of all the toxins and artificial ingredients I've consumed in my life time.

Thanks for the link, I'm keeping it for reference.


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