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Nov 30, 2011
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I just bought the Perricon MD Vitamin C and I have been using it for about a week, but I havent really noticed any real results.

How long do you normally wait to "notice" a change?!

It depends on what you are expecting to happen.  Usually you wait for 8-10wks unless it is some preventative measure where you never really see any change at all as you are preventing something from happening.  

Normally, you would need a few weeks to start noticing results.

Chatter Monkey, your location makes me laugh every time i see it! 

I normally wait for 2 weeks to see how effective the face product is. But if I break out, I quit after trying it for another day or two.

Depends on the item. As others have pointed out it can take up to eight weeks to see results while some products (a skin peel for example) you can see results almost immediately.

i generally wait about 2 months for visible results, but it really depends on the product, and you can probably feel the difference on your skin within a week or two =)

I can usually tell within a week if a product is worth using or not. I don't expect to see full results within that week, but I can tell by how my skin feels as to whether the product is of good quality or not. I can also see in about 48 hours if the product is going to make me breakout or have any other adverse effects. If I notice any negative or adverse effects within that week, it goes back.

Well, I've heard that you should see some kind of difference within 14 days for most products. But if I don't see any results, I usually give up after a week. I'm just not patient with these things I guess.

What I've done to get around this though is to buy starter kits when possible. Then they usually give you enough of the products to give you some results, and then they recommend you to keep using the products for the results to get better. So I figure that's a great way to try a new product or line out.

i'd say as long as it doesn't give you any bad/allergic reactions, finish the whole bottle of product? unless it's making your problem worst or it's obvious nothing is happening.

I also usually wait for 3 to 4 weeks for the new product result and other then trying i fast check its ingredients and reviews of product whether its good or not.


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