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Aug 23, 2007
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How long your a full size jar last???

So far I only tried sample sizes, but a lot of them. I tried foundations,finishing powers, blushes and eyeshadows from 6 different brand and at least 6-10 product in each category. But I am getting the feeling that they actually do not last as long as the companies try to advertise it.

I read everywhere that a little goes a long way, but when I actually calculate it is not very long, and I read Thais tutorials, and I actually used less then those amounts.

Still, a 3 g sample foundation lasted me for 4 application, so based on that I would say a 30 g jar will last me only 40 application. Which is less then 1,5 month, which is $15-30 depending on the brand. If I go further and started to add blushes, e/s power, primer, lip product, I started to realize to use MMU for a women like me use makeup everyday) will be at least a $80+ month, which is quite pricey...

Please tell me , they would last longer , because I cannot go back to traditional now, but I can not afford almost $100 on makeup each month.

Anyway, I though it would be great info, if everybody shared they experience with the product they use.

So please share , how long you product last. Please be specific and state those detailes: brand, type of product:foundation, blush etc, size of the jar and the number of application you can make of that product.

Thanks !!!

Well I started using my new Lumiere foundation today so I'll keep track of how long it lasts. I think I'm using more than I expected for one application though...

I use a 30g jar of Lily Lolo foundation with a kabuki. I've used it at least 30 times so far and I'm nowhere near even 1/4 of the way through. In fact, you can hardly see that I've used any. I suspect I'm going to get way over 100 applications out of my jar.

They last a really really long time for me. All of my samples (in a jar) have lasted much more than four applications though.

It depends also on the heaviness of your coverage and your brush - i believe that fluffier brushes tend to waste more powder

My best guess would be at least 2 years! I use Meow with a badger flat top. Even my samples, I used them for at least a month and I still have plenty left. You should be getting more applications out of your samples. Let us know the type of brush your using.

I use Bare Minerals and my foundation lasts at least 3 months...another reason why I love it so much!

Wow,thank ladies for sharing. So maybe I am using the wrong technique or the wrong brush. I do not have kabuki yet, I want to buy kabuki within a starter kit. I have a small Merle Norman travel brush set, and used the biggest brush(it is a poweder brush) to apply the MMU. It is a nice fluffy soft brush.

And yes I like to have a decent covarage and some of the samples I ordered has very little coverage so it needed many layers. But still if sample jars lasted more then a month for other people 4 application is awfuly low for me.

My Meow samples in baggies lasted me for about a week (one sample), but AN samples in a jar (which are very generous) lasted for about a moth. So I think that one jar of AN or MEOW foundation in 3 oz jar would last at least one - two years, and one jar is 26 $.

Blush and eyeshadows, are also very economical. When I got samples of my eyeshadows, I used them for couple months. I have full size eyeshadows which I use everyday, and they look like they were hardly used, on one of them has been already used for 6 months.

Peachycheeks, maybe you should change the foundation ??? I also like to layer my foundation to achieve a decent coverage. I think the smaller samples I've ever got are those from Lumiere, and in fact their foundations in sample jars may last for 3-4 applications, but other are certainly more efficient.

I use Aubrey Nicole. I ordered 30g jars of foundation, Rice Powder and Glow Finishing Powder. I started using them in May. I would say my foundation will last until around November. The finishing powders will last until sometime next year. I use less of the finishers than the foundation.

I would say the average 30g jar of foundation would last at least 6 months. To get maximum use, find a foundation that gives you complete coverage with one layer.

I think a 5g eyeshadow would last at least a year. A 10g eyeshadow would last two years. It's best to use synthetic eyeshadow brushes. They don't grab as much powder and you won't waste so much. It doesn't take much powder at all to get a nice color if the eyeshadows are well pigmented.

Blushes are just like eyeshadows. Normally the blushes are so pigmented you MUST use a small amount. If you use too much you will look like a clown. I would say a 10g blush will last 2-3 years.

Hope this helps!

It depends on how much you use/how much coverage you want. Typically, a 9g foundation jar from BE (the big ones) lasted me ~6 months. Now that I've found Meow, I don't think I'll have to make another foundation purchase for a long while (their full size holds 1/4 a cup, very HUGE).

Take into account that the more minerals that you have, the more dense it is. Therefore, the more you have, the more it "sticks" together. So the best thing to do is pour a little onto the lid and shake it out. This ensures that you aren't using too much at once. With that said, I think a 30g will last you for quite some time!

I get almost a year out of a full size foundation. I use a little shake in a swirly bowl (I also never remove the entire clear adhesive, only a few holes) and that gives me enough coverage. I also like to pre-conceal- trouble spots first then a light layer of foundation.

'regular' makeup goes bad and is more difficult to mix. If you buy mineral makeup (without stuff like cornstarch, zea mays, etc) it should never go bad. If I have a blush I don't like, I can tweak it. I think the cost of mmu is less.

I have no idea how long one jar lasts in my use. I use MU everyday...and remember using the same jar for the whole summer. So, I would say one EDM jar lasts 3-5months for me. I don't either remove the entire clear adhesive...I guess that helps me to use less product on my face.

Originally Posted by lia_matos /img/forum/go_quote.gif It depends also on the heaviness of your coverage and your brush - i believe that fluffier brushes tend to waste more powder I also agree on that with a denser brush you need to use less powder. I used a fluffy powder brush before and remember applying more layers than now with my dense brush.
I think your main problem is the brush. You need a brush that's meant for mineral makeup, not generic powder. Invest in a flat-top or kabuki brush and you'll see you need much less than you're using. If you don't need a wet application, KT Naturals has a small flat-top brush for just $7. Or Lumiere has a wonderful kabuki for something like $12 or $14. Definitely worth it (it includes shipping but you have to also pay $2 for ins.).

coastal scents has several flat tops under $5, and a couple kabukis in the $5-7 range. I *think* flat tops give better coverage.

TKB trading has kabukis and flat tops for under $5, they aren't bad, I don't know if they are good b/c I have never used brushes before and really have nothing to compare to.

You also could MIY your makeup, there's a huge thread above.

I 'll definetely buy a kabuki or /and a flat top brush then.

Also as my brush is too big to the sample jard or the packets I used to pour a little foundation on a piece of a bounty paper towel, so I could swirl my brush in it. Of course there was product left on the paper towel holes, but I didn't know how much.

Today I used my face cream plastic top (~ same saje as a full jar mineral top) and poured the same amount into it I used to put on the paper tower. Well I haven't used maybe half of it this way

So hopefully after getting a brush tthe MMu will became very economical.


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