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How long your full jar MMu last?

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Aug 23, 2007
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How long your a full size jar last???

So far I only tried sample sizes, but a lot of them. I tried foundations,finishing powers, blushes and eyeshadows from 6 different brand and at least 6-10 product in each category. But I am getting the feeling that they actually do not last as long as the companies try to advertise it.

I read everywhere that a little goes a long way, but when I actually calculate it is not very long, and I read Thais tutorials, and I actually used less then those amounts.

Still, a 3 g sample foundation lasted me for 4 application, so based on that I would say a 30 g jar will last me only 40 application. Which is less then 1,5 month, which is $15-30 depending on the brand. If I go further and started to add blushes, e/s power, primer, lip product, I started to realize to use MMU for a women like me use makeup everyday) will be at least a $80+ month, which is quite pricey...

Please tell me , they would last longer , because I cannot go back to traditional now, but I can not afford almost $100 on makeup each month.

Anyway, I though it would be great info, if everybody shared they experience with the product they use.

So please share , how long you product last. Please be specific and state those detailes: brand, type of product:foundation, blush etc, size of the jar and the number of application you can make of that product.

Thanks !!!