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Dec 12, 2003
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I usually get around 7 hours, plus I take a 1-2 hour nap in the afternoon.

I think I'll die when I get out of college and nap time ends.

6-7 hours for me. I used to be able to take naps when my son was a baby. I slept when he slept. I miss those days. Now he is too busy at 3 1/2 years old so I rarely get to take naps.

For some reason I can't sleep more than 4 hours. As I got a few months older
the less I sleep...Anyone got ideas on getting how to get more beauty sleep?

Menopause makes sleeping kinda like a fantasy. I wish I could sleep for 6-8 hrs straight.

I NEED a full 8 hours or else i'll be so tired the next day. I'm in bed every weeknight for 11pm, asleep for 11.30 & i get up about 7.45am!

Usually around 5 hours a night on school nights. During the weekend I usually get around 12 hours a night. I'm a college student so I have a really crazy and hectic schedule.

I really need 7.5-8 hrs to feel alert the next day, but due to the craziness of grad school I often get 6 hrs of sleep which means I'm only half-awake in all my classes... However I never take naps because when I wake up, I always seem to have a headache for the rest of the afternoon! Saturdays I'll turn off the alarm and get 10 or 11 hrs to catch up for the week

i try for 8 hours, so i end up getting 6 or 7. it always takes me at least an hour to fall asleep, no matter how tired i am. it stinks.

Am i the only insomniac here? I would love to be able to sleep within miniutes of going to bed. However i have a terrible sleep pattern.I can go to bed really tired but often wont fall asleep for hours, which makes me get up and do something. When i do fall asleep it is very light and i always wake up really early in the morning without fail. I find it very difficult to switch off and often lie in bed thinking and can go back years into the past. I dream every night and usually remember my dreams which often wake me up. Saying that though i can get over tired and not sleep for 2 nights. I try to keep to a routine even if i feel exhausted so that when i do go to bed i will have a better chance of sleeping. However my sleeping routine is getting slightly better apart from the early morning wake up.Sleep is so important for the body and immune system that i will sometimes lie down for a nap if i need it.

Any suggestions for better sleep would be most welcome. Does everyone remember their dreams?

Hi Candy, I suffer form insomnia too at times, I have never been someone who was able to just lay their head down and nod off, my husband can be sound asleep in minutes. I have had tinnitus for almost 5 years so that makes it even harder, no such thing has peace and quiet for me anymore
. My Doctor started me on a prescription for sleep a few years ago, without it I would just lay there and focus on the weird noises I have in my head, sometimes the noise wakes me up so most mornings I tend to be groggy. I maybe get about 5 hours of sleep a night now, usually around 3:00 PM I feel like I just want to crawl in bed but don't dare or I'll be up all night, then around 7:00 in the evening I get a second wind and am ready to get going, only thing is, that second wind keeps me up until midnight
I need a minimum of 6, 7 is better, 5 is last night...couldn't stop puttering around & today had a melt-down at work...dang...