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Nov 26, 2004
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Usually one, max!

I like to try to stay in the house on one of my days off.

I mask and treat. Then I just let my skin breathe all day.

Other than that, you won't catch me anywhere w/o a full face of MU! LOL

I'd say 3-4 days a week. I usually always wear makeup on the weekends, but usually don't wear anything Monday - Friday.

That's what college does to ya

Usually one day max for me too. If I'm running late I'll put mascara, powder and lipgloss on. If I have more time I'll actually do the whole face. I won't die if I have to go out bare face but I just prefer to put some makeup on.

Eh..NEVER!!! Although saying that, when i come home in the evenings i take it all off & if i'm only calling to my friends house for the evening, i won't put any on.

about 5...except for this morning...i figure i can start out the week & every day after it don't matter...

3-4x/week. the weather's been so bad here & it's finally beginning to cool down. the least i'll wear is l/s, but i almost never go out w/a full face anymore b/c of the heat.

God i'm feeling bad now coz ye all go out so much without it! Might try and get over my phobia of having to wear make-up every day..

Only on Saturdays and only then if I'm just going to stay at home all day! My skin is so oily and shiny, and often has red spots or acne, that I refuse to go to school or church without foundation and powder! (I also normally wear mascara, and if I have time eyeshadow.) Although every once in a while I will make a quick Walmart run without makeup....

Whenever I'm running late - or sometimes if we go out for breakfast on weekends... it depends, I like to have makeup on - but I won't die without it. Sometimes If I don't have time in the AM to put some on before work, I'll just put on some foundation & blush and bring my eye/lip stuff and put it on during lunch.. but most times I don't. LOL

Except for a tinted lip balm, I never wear makeup to work. I usually only wear it if I'm going out at night, generally weekends.

Most days I actually don't wear makeup! Well, I'll dab some balm or gloss on when I'm around the house, but that's about it. (I work from home.)
Plus, I've got clear skin (thank God for my parents - I inherited it from them - they both look way younger than they are!). Many people have told me that I don't even need to wear a lot of makeup because of this.

When I go out regularly, I'll swipe some translucent powder on, some gloss, and my Dandelion for a glow, and I'm off!

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Originally Posted by pigsfeet1976

Unless I'm physically ill, I never go without makeup. I don't like the way I look without it.

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Originally Posted by pigsfeet1976 Unless I'm physically ill, I never go without makeup. I don't like the way I look without it.

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I tend to wear tinited moisturiser,mascara and eyeliner if ime going out during the day,otherwise at home i am natural. If i am going out socialising or a nightout i will wear a lot of makeup but blend it well and have one thing to stand out, like eyes or lips. But i Love vamping it up and releasing the inner animal in me. Gggrrrrrrrrrr

Being a makeup artist, it seems like I would have it on, but I usually DO NOT wear on a daily basis.......that is just sad isn't it! I used to hear it all the time until my 3 tyrants.....i mean KIDS came along and took care of that. LOL

So if I am in makeup, I'm excited! That's probably why I love my job so much. I am vicariously living through others joy of being able to dress up and look good!!! LOL

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