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Jun 20, 2005
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OK... I really must be a reality tv addict... so, I'm watching "Blow Out" and Jonathan is talking about how he charges $500 for one haircut... one HAIRCUT... now I admit, I'm from VA and maybe we just don't have that many high end salons like that around here, but is a haircut really worth $500? ... or $1000 for a haircut and color?... Do I get free liposuction with that?... I'm curious, is it (or could it be) worth it?... I especially want to here from the Cali and NY people - I figure, u'd know!!!
umm. i don't think it's worth that much. i personally think that a really good haircut at the most would be like $100!!!

people overprice things all of the time

but then i just got a haircut the other day for $45 and i dont like it

and everything in LA is over charged.

I'm from cali, and I do NOT think it's worth it. I think $100max is for a good hair cut. They have expensive vs. "cheap" haircuts all the time in allure. And lots of times I do not like the expensive haircut, and even if it was $50 I would not like it. I say, if someone wants a good haircut, ask someone whose hair you love where they get their hair done.
i was so surprised to hear my friends mention that she got her hair cut for really cheap - $45! i was like, WHAT! i get mine cut for $12, including blowdry (which i never do, anyway, because i only like doing it myself). i've been going to the same place since i was about 7. i love them.

supercuts is cheap and good, too! i can't believe people pay more than $20 to cut their hair!

Here in Northern CA, a haircut at a nice salon can be between $45 to $75 dollars and highlights can be between $75 to $150. The most I have ever paid was $165 for a cut and highlights. A bit on the expensive side however, for me, it was definitely worth it.

My bill is usually $100.00 and that includes hair cut, all over color (to color grays) and highlights. I will make sure my husband knows that I am getting a deal!

i think its...outrageous. then again i get $6 hair cuts and $30 highlites.........shh dont tell anybody everybody thinks i pay 10x that amount...... beauty schools are awsome

You don't always get what you pay for!
High end salons have set prices, no matter who's doing the cut. So you might have the best stylist in the shop, or someone who is terrible. Now just because they are a good stylist, doesn't mean they are good for you - you have to find someone that will do what YOU want, and not what they THINK you should want. Every stylist is different, and you should only use the salon name as a small part of your decision. Get a consultation first to feel them out (any good salon will usually do this free of charge) and then get some ideas of their work by watching them work on other clients. There have been great stylists that work in a Lemon Tree & charge $15. And then there are some people that might as well be Edward Scissorhands that work in some ritzy place getting $100 a cut. While haircutting is a trade and an art that takes schooling and practice... I don't think that it's something that warrants a $500 price tag... especially since your hair grows out in a few weeks!!


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