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Feb 26, 2006
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I'm trying' to update mine once in 2 weeks

alto i don't buy so much

but i love to chance my room

you know i acutally never have updated or done anything with it.

let alone ive never acutally clicked on the link

im gonna go and acutally see what it is now.

Never *run and hide*

I need to update mine. I created the notepad when I just joined MUT and the makeup goods I have there are super OLD. lol. I need to update it I guess

When I changed my username I didn't update mine. So my answer is never. I need to do it though.

Whenever I have new pictures. I need to redo it, though, because my background got deleted.

Not much at all... I actually just took my stash list out, and all that's in there is my Shoutbox and links to my tutorials.

Well I signed up a while ago & then didn't come on in a while, but just came back, so I updated it then. But I usually add when I buy something.

I just updated my notepad because some of my old cosmetics no longer exist (either used, sold or trashed) and I added newer pics of my makeup stash. It still needs more work, lol.


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