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Aug 21, 2007
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do you think everyone can wear heals or should girls who are already extremly tall stick to flats? What is the limit for wearing heals??

I don't think there is a "limit". When it comes to women and heels, it is every lady's prerogative to wear them as she pleases, no matter how tall she is. This is one of her inalienable rights. The only limit is the one the woman puts on herself according to her own comfort level in tall heels.

I am a little bit over 176 cm (almost 5'10"). I enjoy wearing heels almost everyday. I like to wear 8 cm (3 inch +) heels quite frequently, and I do not feel strange for it, even though I am quite tall without them.

My husband is the same height as me, and I enjoy wearing tall heels. He likes the way I look in heels and so do I, even though I may be more than 8 cm taller than him. Yes, it catches people's eyes, but the attention that we get is never bad.

I don't know how tall you are, but I hope that helps.

im 183 cm( 6 ft) and most of my friends are shorter than 165 and im already taller than most of my friends guys, so im always very hesitant to wear heals and wanted to get other peoples opinions

You don't have to wear heels daily, however you could wear them for special occasions if you are not comfortable wearing them regularly. You could also try wearing kitten heels, which are a very small heels.

I'm 5'8" and I've gone out with a girl who was 5'10" and always wore heels. I didn't mind it at all. If you like the shoes wear them.

There is no limit imo.
Wear what you like!

I think there is no limit, actually I think it's so sexy when I see a really tall woman wearing high heels, it just screams "I'm comfortable with myself."

You ladies are giving me the courage i need. I am 5'8 but with heels i am damn near 6 feet and since most guys are shorter than me, i am very self conscious b/c i feel gigantic. Time to break out my stilletos!

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with wearing heels if you're tall...although my friends joke I'm a giant when I wear them. lol, I'm 5'8 so with heels I'm almost 6ft. As long as you're comfortable with it, it shouldn't matter what others have to say. I think certain girls are just jealous you're tall, because I have guys who are shorter than me who don't mind girls wearing heels. It's probably a turn on for them anyway...haha
I don't wear heels all the time, but on special occasions if i'm going to a dinner party or social event. I used to wear them when going out dancing, but I noticed I'm more comfortable dancing with flats. hehe

I think you can be pretty tall since models are and they were the hell outta heels. Hey ladies I am new here and was wondering if anyone could explain to me how I can post a new thread? I have some info to share. Thanks

I wear heels and I am 5'9''. Not a biggie to me. "Too tall" is your own definition. If I was 6'8'', then maybe I wouldn't.

I am 5'9" and for about 4 yrs I dated a guy shorter than me...without shoes. So..heels gave him a "Tom Cruise" complex. NOw that we've broken up, I am back to 4 inche heels daily...I LOVE IT! Makes your legs look longer and leaner. I kinda have a larger than life heels really make me larger than life..heheh.

I'm 5'8 and i only wear highheels on speacial occasions but it isnt because i feel too tall its because i am in highschool adn dont feel the need to wear them while i am there. I love wearing heels though... i wish i could wear them everyday.

i dont think theres anything wrong with being tall & wearing heels. If you look good in them keep wearing 'em.

how tall is too tall? No such thing imo. People should wear whatever they like. I am 5'10 and when I wear heels (which is often) I am well over 6' and I have no problem with that. Speaking as the tall woman that I am, I hope that no woman will deny herself heels just because of her height. Heels are sexy....FLAUNT THEM!! :)


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