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Mar 12, 2012
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I hope it's okay that I started a thread for this! I'm potentially interested, but are there any guidelines set up already about how this will work?

I'm interested.  I just PM'd LindaV.  I would like to know the guidelines, too.  Thank you!

I think this is such a great idea! God knows how many polishes I have that I would love to find a good home for.

I had planned to basically just duplicate what the makeup/samples circular swap did as far as rules & guidelines.  I did ask them what worked and what didn't and if there was any other advice so there will be a couple minor changes.  I will post and then we can tweak until it is acceptable to all.

I won't be able to get anything together as far as guidelines until this weekend - this week is super busy because my son is graduating from high school tomorrow!  Yeah!  After his graduation party on Friday things will settle down and we can get this thing started.

Thanks for your patience ladies,



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