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Jan 30, 2012
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i have a concert to go to in two weeks and i wanna do some really cool make up ill post a pic below if anyone can suggest how to do it would be great.

It looks like a bunch of eyeliner pencil strokes and some purple glitter.  I'm not sure how great that'd look with your eyes open.

You would want to start with the purple first, but only in the centre of the lid, then you would want to use a waterproof eyeliner, cream or gel would probably work best and then slowly do each side of the eyelid. You will want waterproof because you are most likely going to be sweating at a concert. It doesn't need to be exact on each eye, and if you made it slightly messier and made the lines further out from the eye it would pop out and stand out more. You could then add glitter on top or do whatever you choose to add some sparkle. 

I'd use black eye liner....Color in the lid, create the strokes...Set with alil black shadow then set my glitter in the center.... Easy

Wow this is a pretty cool eye look. I would start with the purple lid color then draw the strokes using a pencil liner for better control and precision then add the purple glitters.

It looks like gel or cream liner applied with an angled brush and a little purple glitter over the center. You could try LA splash eye or liner base and a purple cosmetic glitter or maybe one of those pre-mixed glitters in the tubes. I love glitter! :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

You should definitely post pictures!  I'm curious to see how it looks with open eyes.

Good luck copying this look!!

Interesting look, I would like to see a picture with eyes open though.

It looks to me like a gel liner, set with a black matte powder and purple glitter applied over top.

I'd use an angled brush or thin eye brush to get the strokes.

I'd love to see some pics of your finished eyey look if you do this.

I wonder to know how it looks with open eyes.

Prep the eye, complete the eyeshadow on the lid, and go for the liner. This is very free form so there's not really a certain way to achieve this look. I would suggest using a liquid eyeliner and doing light strokes to get the 'sweeping' effect.

1) Prime your eyelids. Use which ever primer you would like. I recommend MAC's Prep and Prime!

2) Use which ever purple eyeshadow you would like. I recommend MAC's Nocturnelle! 

3) Use a gel based eyeliner to create those lines all over your eyes with a gel liner brush! Just go across your lids in the same pattern as the photo. Near the top she seems to have a bit more filled in. In some areas fill in more black! I recommend using Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris! You can find it at ULTA...


4) I notice that she has some lace in the middle of her eyes. I would do this last, after you create the lines. I recommend using Eye Rock Designer Shadow in Black Lace!
You don't have to use the same shapes that they provide for you since they extend out of your eyes, but you can trim it so that it can fit in the center of your eyelids.
You can purchase these at :)


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