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Feb 4, 2013
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The correct way to apply BB cream is by having your face completely clean and applying a small amount of it onto your finger tip. You then dab small amounts of BB cream on your entire face. You blend evenly using your clean finger tips. You can either apply it before or after foundation/make up. You can even use it itself for a natural look but a perfect appearance. It is also optional if you want to use it as a foundation primer. My Maybelline BB Cream Beauty Balm has 8 in 1 skin perfectors which are 1. Blurs imperfections, 2. Enhances, 3. Brightens, 4. Adjusts to skin tone, 5. Smoothes, 6. Hydrates, 7. SPF 30 (Sunscreen and prevents sunburn) and 8. 0% Oils and other heavy ingredients.

Actually there is no incorrect way because not all BB creams - especially Western brands - are the same. You can apply BB cream with your fingertips, with a brush or with a sponge. How much coverage a person wants or the look their going for will depend on how it's applied just like tinted moisturizer and liquid foundation.


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