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Jan 20, 2004
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Does anyone line their eyes all the way around? I feel like when I put eyeliner on my bottom lashline, it just looks messy or too dark. Is it better to use a lighter color underneath? or just skip it all together?

I usually just line the top of my eyes and only for special occasions or if I want to look more done up I line the bottom lashline as well. I've noticed the same that it takes some time to get used to the look when you line your bottom lashline also especially if you use black. I try to use charcoal or dark purple on the bottom and black on the top so that it won't look too hars (my eyes are dark blue)

I have big eyes and I line on the top with a black pencil eyeliner, its a rare occasion when I don't. On the bottom I'll use an eyeshadow as a liner, usually brown or dark purple but, I dont line all the way into the corner of the eye. Doing that will close your eye up and make them look smaller. When I go out at night I'll line on the bottom inside rim with black pencil eyeliner. But again, I have large eyes so this does make my eyes look smaller when I line on the inside.
i have that same problem. i cant get it to stay long enough.try making a thiner line but first lighly dust foundation under your eye. then use a bright sparkly color right under it.

I f u still dont like it ;put the dark color on 3/4 of your outer eye and the lighter color underneath and around the inner corners of your eye.


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